Drawings: dark age and/or fantasy

DRAWINGS: dark-age and/or fantasy

This is a scene I drew after coming back from inter-railing. I had seen Pompeii (where there were raised street crossings like this – perhaps to keep people above piles of dung not shown here) and many Classical sites in Greece and so felt inspired. I drew the scene with a Rotring technical drawing pen, and then photocopied it, and coloured the copy in with pencils.

This drawing is a couple of years older, done when I was somewhere in my mid teens. The setting is supposedly dark-age Britain, but most of the details are made up. The quality of the photocopy that I coloured in is quite poor.

This is a version in my head I had of Arthur (you know – king of the Britons), sitting in a chair looking a bit anxious. The chair looks rather modern to me now.

I used to be an avid reader of 2000A.D. magazine when I was sixteen, and I sent in these three drawings, all of which they printed. Judge Pink (as in Panther), Judge Eastwood (as in Clint), and Judge Slaine, Strontium Trooper (as in a combination of Judge Dredd, Slaine, Rogue Trooper, and Johnny Alpha the Strontium Dog).

“Good Lord Lloyd! Why are you bothering to show us rubbish like this? Don’t you think it’s a bit amateur?” Well, you didn’t have to put it quite so harshly, but yes I agree, this is not a great drawing. Indeed, none of them is. I think I was mainly just pleased with the way the scan came out, so I may do more of these. I did this pretty quickly when I was about fourteen, so with that in view it isn’t bad, and I still like the composition and narrative. Perhaps I’ll draw it again one day with a bit more skill.

This one on the right I called “Pensive Mercenary” and I drew it entirely with my steadfast Rotring pen, which had a very fine nib (0.25mm if memory serves), when I was sixteen. The main fault I see with it now is that his legs are disproportionately small, especially the lower leg, and I don’t think that this was deliberate, although I could excuse it as a sign of malnutrition in a medieval low-status man. The picture below I did some years later for a fantasy role-play gaming magazine, and I think it combines thicker darker lines with the fine ones reasonably successfully.

Higher contrast again, here – the head of a shaman for a RuneQuest magazine. Below this some initiates of Pamaltela, based on a picture of African tribesmen I saw in a copy of National Geographic. Also for the same magazine: a man on a horse with a big hat.

Last for now, a scene from my imagination conjured while listening to some of Mike Oldfield’s music: The Wind Chimes (from the album Islands). This man’s flying car has stopped not quite where he would have chosen, but he is on the run from villains and having an adventurous time of it, so he climbs into it where it is rather than risk delay. Were this in colour, the sky would be yellow. It isn’t Earth.

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