FANTASY PHOTOGRAPHY: At the bloody altar

It's corny, but I quite like it. Chaps with frog-mouthed helmets (in reality only worn in late medieval tournaments - the wearer can see only upwards) were a favourite of mine when I was about twelve. Horns on helmets are not historical either, and are pretty silly, since they would catch a blow that might otherwise glance off, and strain one's neck. A combination of horns on a frog-mouthed helmet therefore transends even the usual degree of fantasy silliness. That shield would be murder to hold too. From its thickness, I'd say it'd weigh about six stone, and it is flat, so it would keep wanting to fall forwards, since the handles wouldn't be at its centre of gravity. It'd be hell to hold straight.

The idol is by Grendel, and is resin, a joy to paint. Ditto the pillars. I like the light in the archway.


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