In all my notes, this shot is referred to as "MOASU". This stands for "Mother Of All Set Ups;" and was called such because it took AGES to build the set for this. For a start, it is a complicated set, with the various roof beams, pillars, the large floor area, the doorways, and the like. The next problem was that it was very difficult to get the set light-proof. Any light leaking in through the join between the walls and ceiling, or other such places, took a lot of keeping out. Of course, every time I wanted to make a tiny adjustment to the placing of a piece of furniture, perhaps to hide the base of one of the figures, this meant taking the roof off the set and then having to put it all back again, during which operation I'd near-invariably jog something out of place. To catch the light, I got neighbour who smoked to come in, and breathe tab smoke into the room. I took lots of shots of this set-up, as I never wanted to have to set it up again.


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