This is a grave in a cemetery in Jesmond. People should visit cemeteries more often, not for any morbid reasons, but because they are often very beautiful. In Athens, away from the smog, breeze-blocks, traffic, and graffitti, is First Cemetery, which is far and away the nicest place in Athens, and yet the maps direct no tourists there (thank goodness). In Budapest there is a huge and historically fascinating cemetery, and again the maps consider that no tourist would want to go there, but I'd highly recommend it.

This one photograph has generated more e-mails to me than all the others put together. One woman wrote to me saying that she was using it as a model for a memorial to her daughter. One person ordered a copy the size of a door. Recently, I heard from someone who is having this image tattooed on his arm. Perhaps one day I'll be able to add a shot of that on this page.

October 2006 update: now another visitor to this site has had this turned into a tattoo, and this time I have kindly been furnished with a picture. Some one else meanwhile is supposedly using the shot for the cover of a book.


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