OTHER PHOTOGRAPHY: Fire silhouette

This was taken at the Newcastle Green Festival. In the background, you can see two large straw sculptures of angels with wings, that were set alight. They burned for a long time, but they lost their angel shapes almost immediately, and collapsed to half height, which spoiled the spectacle a bit. The dreadlocked man you see in the foreground was not a medieval slinger, but a juggler who had in his hand a poy (sp?) for whirling around. In the blaze, about five hundred pounds worth of juggling equipment went up in smoke. This was accidental. It wasn't immediately obvious, though, since so many of the performers were jumping up and down and generally looking a bit manic, but the small group smothering a pile of burning stuff with blankets and jumping up and down on it in a particularly manic fashion, was attempting to rescue the equipment, I later discovered. The man pictured liked this shot and used it for his business cards.


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