TROJAN WAR PHOTOGRAPHY: Odysseus fighting on the battlements

These are Redoubt Enterprises figures fighting on a modified battlement by Monolith. I would hesitate to recommend Monolith because the two times I ordered from them, they took many months to deliver, and that was after several telephone calls and letters, nor do I think that I am the only person to have had trouble getting stuff out of them. Anyway, the lighting effect here is for a bright sunny day, which, though not as attention-grabbing as sunsets and the like, is actually one of the harder lighting effect to get just right. Odysseus is on the left, by the way. Homer once mentions his boar-tusk helmet, and so he is often depicted wearing one. His hair, according to Homer was xanthos, a word which is also used to describe the colour of honey, and is often translated as blond, and sometimes as auburn. I don't know who the other chap is meant to be, but the chances are that he has only moments to live.


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