TROJAN WAR PHOTOGRAPHY: Lukka allies on the roof

Here we see Wargames Foundry figures, by the Perry twins (actually just by one of the pair - apparently they usually credit the pair even when one of the two did all of a range) of Lukka warriors. King Sarpedon joined the Trojan cause and with him came his Lukka warriors, who were of the Sea Peoples, and who wore headresses of some sort. Some reconstruct them as being made of feathers, others as of leather. Some assume that a metal helmet was underneath, others not. Anyway, here are two of them on top of a building, with one of my scratch-built palm trees in the background. The tree took blinking ages to do. The branches are lengths of that sort of wire which comes inside a plastic ribbon, for tying climbing plants to frames. I stuck book-covering film sandwiching the wire, and cut slits in the film to create the leaves, and then painted the result green. Looks nice, but don't try making many trees this way.


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