TROJAN WAR PHOTOGRAPHY: Showdown in the megaron

The Redoubt Enterprises range of figures has many named figures, and here I am using them not as the sculptor intended. Amazingly enough, the range does not include a figure for one of the main characters, Menelaos, but here the figure for Hector stands in for him, on the right. Helen is on the left, presumably confident that she will not be killed, despite the appalling slaughter around her. Deiphobus, the new husband of Helen, after the death of Paris, is played by the figure intended for Agamemnon. The figure on the floor is sold as a figure for a dying Achilles, and the old man pointing is a chariot-rider figure for King Nestor. Note the large hearth, with cold embers, and little red flames painted around its edge (after an example excavated in Pylos); and in the ceiling, a large roofed hole for the smoke.

All the Redoubt Enterprises figures are based very closely on the excellent book by Peter Connolly "The Legend of Odysseus" which also served as the reference for the Monolith buildings, and my painting and modelling guide. I've met Peter, and he's a top chap, so buy his book.


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