TROJAN WAR PHOTOGRAPHY: Beginning of the end

A dramatic night sky seemed necessary for the backdrop of this shot. Apologies if it seems over-corny. An Achaean hero climbs down from the belly of the Wooden Horse. Soon, the guards will be slain, and the gates thrown open to Agamemnon's returning army. I was a bit disappointed when I first read the Iliad and the Odyssey, not to find the bit about the wooden horse in them. The Odyssey has a couple of flash-backs to it, but neither of these books deals with the tale directly. Virgil's Aenead has a version of the tale, but this was written many centuries later, and I imagine that this has no historical accuracy whatsoever. Even so, for a wargame I staged at a couple of wargame shows, I developed a scenario in which twelve Greek heroes descended from the horse, and then tried to open the gates, and capture Helen. Amazingly, none of the players ever thought to look in the back room of the megaron, where Helen was. I'd spent days painting that room, and no one went there.

Anyway, the figure is a Redoubt spearman, converted to a climber, the buildings are mainly Monolith and the horse is scratch-built from matches. I designed the horse so that it looked as though it could support its own weight. The back legs are vertical, and the main beams all intersect in nice structural ways. I pressed the end of the tube of a propelling pencil into the planking ends, to put circular dents in them, hoping by this to suggest wooden pegs holding them in place. Alas, these don't show in this photo'.


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