Ode to Hope

An isolated officer, whose men have left their posts,
Stays put, and prepares to hold out against the hosts.
He'll take his chance, then he'll feel the bayonet,
Dancing Hope's dance, he'll not abandon Her just yet.

The fame-seeking auditioner, whose style is out of fashion,
Who keeps turning up, to impress them with great passion,
Will fritter away a good prime to no use,
For Hope has a head and brain in Her noose.

The love-sick torch-bearer, waits year after lonely year,
Convinced of having found the unique and perfect peer,
And while the idealised partner tries out so many others,
Hope, with Her ally Patience, the bearer's happiness smothers.

The gambler now feels it is worth just one more spin,
Knows in his heart that at last this time he'll win.
For Hope has made him feel so, and Hope has her cost,
And this time, his infant daughter's home will be lost.

Faith has been discredited, we're all rational atheists now,
And Glory died in World War One, is no longer a sacred cow.
Charity has been out-sourced to governments and NGOs,
But Hope is still on Her plinth, in comfortable repose.

Why do we let Her get away with it?
She's no friend of ours, She's just a git.
Put Hope on trial, read Her Her rights,
Or better still, punch out Her lights.

Hope makes us fools, uses us like tools,
Her game is cruel, so let's change the rules.
The next time you feel Hope push you along,
Don't say “Oo, that's lovely”, start bashing this gong.

We'll all come running – the police to your aid,
Surround all the suspects, shout “This is a raid!
Nobody leaves 'til this felon is found.
We'll have Her at last, now She's gone to ground.”

“We'll question them all, to dig out our quarry.
Those free of Her curse can go – the rest of you, sorry.
It'll take many hours, but it's time well spent.
If you are Her victim cast Her out now – repent!”

“Right, let's get on with it,
You come here, and sit.”

[Suspect number four, interview tape]
“I take a homeopathic remedy for my elbow, so,
I'm hoping that the pain will go.
It still gives me gyp sometimes, although,
I could double the dose of my placebo.”
[Suspect held for further questioning]

[Suspect number eighteen]
“Play the national lottery? Are you having me on?
Fourteen-million-to-one odds? No, my senses aren't gone.
Viewed using statistics, good reason, and facts,
It's clear it's just a stupidity tax.”
[Suspect released]

There are many who will say that strength comes through Hope,
That She helps us endure, that Hope helps us cope.
She gets you to love Her, that's Her strength, you dope!
Once She's won you over, you're on a slippery slope.

“No, I don't like chemical vaccines,
And you can't trust anything made by machines,
But I'll throw good coinage into the waters below,
Of a wishing well, because, well, you never know.”
[Suspect sectioned for the good of humanity]

If you want to survive, or succeed in reality,
It's better to have a firm grip on causality.
Foster hardiness, learn a skill, eat well, try not to die.
Indulging the mirage of Hope is preferring a lie.

“Most of my friends where I go to school,
Just swat a few topics, 'cos they think that's cool,
But I've looked at past papers, the syllabus is broad,
I'm not that gifted, so it's a risk I can't afford.”

We nearly had Her once – trapped on a great ocean liner.
The captain, convinced that no ship was finer,
Used Hope to navigate, at night, at speed, through the 'bergs, didn't think,
Then Hope left him standing, as his liner started to sink.

If those people had just kept their heads, but there was panic.
There were too few lifeboats aboard the Titanic.
It took just one to pray for Hope, instead of Calm,
And Hope was hosted, then rescued, to continue Her harm.

All right, sergeant, let's run the next test,
We'll get the bitch one day, or I'll never rest.


I am not a fan of hope. It is a human emotion that is consistently presented as a good thing, and this is my way of arguing against this stance.


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