Alas, the 2002 Edinburgh Fringe run of this play has now ended. What follows below is the wording that heralded that run, and is here preserved as an historical document.

Performances of this magnificent play will take place at Augustine's Studio, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, which is venue number 152. Performances start at ten to nine in the evening, and occur on Tuesday the thirteenth of August and every day thereafter except Monday the nineteenth, until the final performance on Monday the twenty-sixth of August.

A entrance fee of six pounds and fifty new pence shall be levied for each member of the audience for each performance. A concessionary rate of four pounds and fifty pence is offered to those on the parish, students, and lower-ranking servants. Tickets are available by contacting the excelling folk of Paradise Green Promotions, who manage the venue. This can be done by calling in person to the venue, or by telephoning (0131) 225 6575. Alternatively, one might buy them from the Edinburgh Fringe Office, by clicking HERE.

Since the earlier performances afford a much greater opportunity to come a second time, and to recommend to one's fellows to attend, it is predicted that these will be the nights to sell out first, so members of Her Majesty's public are advised to be swift in booking for these particular performances.

N.B. The Management wishes to assure all patrons that under no circumstances shall persons of a French nature be admitted to the auditorium.

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