Here you see an engraver's impression of Stoke Mandeville himself. The determined set of the chin and the steely glint in the eye speak volumes. Stoke was educated in only the very harshest of public schools on Pluto. As a result, this man is impervious to hardships of all sorts, and his feats of will are legion. It is said that he once grew a pair of sideboards overnight to win a bet with the young Sir Anthony Blair. The next week, he discovered the source of the Tyne. Bayesian, Platonist, neo-Platonist, post-neo-Platonist, oxymath, Mesmerist, erumite, brick-layer, he is a true Renaissance Man. Though perhaps a little stern at times, his sterness has always been applied where fitting, and he has a kindly fondness for humour of all sorts, except rude.

It is to this man that so many times members of His Majesty's general public, and even on occasion His Majesty himself, have turned in times of peril. No man has proven stouter in resolve and ability in dealing with the ever-present foe: the French.

Although tremendously famous for his astonishing exploits, he lives a life without any entourage or pomp, simply serving the public good as he sees fit. He is the stiff-upper-lipped icon of pipe smokers everywhere.

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