It has fallen to two men to attempt the re-enactment of the astounding events that occurred to Graham Pennyworth.

  Fraser Charlton is a pathologist, and is worshipped as a god by local devotees of Gilbert and Sullivan. He has written six shows in the style of Gilbert and Sullivan, and these have all been performed a few times, as far afield as New Zealand and Milton Keynes. He boasts that he could play billiards on horseback by the age of fourteen, and has long championed the twin causes of Futility and Waste. As he was personally well acquainted with Graham Pennyworth, he was in an excellent position to verify the details of Mr Pennyworth's astonishing adventure.

You may discover more about the man known as Fraser Charlton by visiting his meritorious website.

Nikolas Lloyd is known to his friends and enemies alike as Lloyd. He is the wilder of the pair, having been brought up, rather unusually, by badgers. Another experienced writer of scripts, his dalliances with drama have erred towards the video and televisual media, although his Merchant of Venice in The Merchant of Venice was considered a triumph by all those who attended with working ears, and eclipsed his Oliver, in Oliver. Something of a specialist in eponymity, he plays Stoke Mandeville in The Adventures of Stoke Mandeville, Astronaut and Gentleman.  

Students of Lloydian aspects may be relieved to know that an entire website has been dedicated to some meanderings amongst the diverse interests of Lloyd, archaeologist, photographer, explorer, toast farmer, armourer, and evolutionary psychologist. It can be visited by simply clicking these words.

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