I'm just trying to get all the links and the like sorted out, so don't expect marvels on every page. For the moment, all we have here, are two lists, one fact, a triumph, and some fashion news drivel:

Likes (unordered list):
  • The light on Newcastle Town Moor
  • Tart rhubarb crumble
  • The smell of leather
  • Celia Johnson
  • The Rawlinsons, by Vivian Stanshall
  • Princess Leia's theme from Star Wars
  • Clutter
  • The words Scaffolding, Beverage, Glimmer, Anabaptist, Spoon, Truncheon, Archipelago, and Soil
Dislikes (ordered list):
  1. Aniseed
  2. People who don't think
  3. The French
  4. Journalists
  5. Political parties, and their adherents
  6. Vegetarianism
  7. Monotheism
  8. Near enough anything else ending in "ism"
  9. The Body Shop
  10. Sue Lawley

That's me on the left.

Fact: Lloyd, despite being British, does not drink tea. A friend told me to put this fact in urgently, as he considered it to be one of the most extraordinary things about me.

I have many certificates, attesting to my having passed A levels, tap dancing exams, and the like, but none is so cherished as this: my one width with float race certificate of victory (first place). I recall the occassion clearly. There was no rule limiting the number of races one could enter, and I did not twig that this race was really for people who couldn't swim properly. I got down into the cold hyper-chlorinated water of the Victorian-built Ealing Swimming Baths next to the town hall, and hung onto the side, and noticed that the field of competitors did not seem to be the school's elite. Mrs Manley blew her whistle and I pushed off from the side. This carried me half way across, and then I saw that I was way out in front, and stopped, because I imagined that I must have cheated by pushing off. Mrs Manley waved me on and gave me strong vocal encouragement, and while the other racers splashed and gurgled in fear for their lives, I cruised to a magnificent victory.

Fashion News!
More remarkable still, for those who know me, is that I am now a FASHION ICON. Oh yes, an image of me was used for the International Grand Festival fashion show in Newcastle 2006, and here is that image. Granted, it has been photo-manipulated to the point of anonymity, but that, I assure you, is me (and Nicky Rose).

The astonishing irony that someone so utterly unfashionable should end up on a fashion poster is a bit of a laugh. Actually, since they didn't ask permission to use the image, and the first I knew of it was when the posters went up around town, it was also a bit of a surprise.

Parental warnings

Lacking, for the moment, anywhere better to put it, here is something daft I wrote for a friend.

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