This is where you may discover how mispent was your youth. If you were a child who lived in Britain, born between about 1965 and 1975, who watched television, then you should stand a decent chance with these questions. If you don't fit this description, then you haven't much of a hope, I fear.
Round 1: Childrens' Television

Question 1. Who did the narration and voices for The Wombles?

Question 2. What was the main difference to be seen between Paddington, and the other characters from that animated series?

Question 3. What were the three shapes of window in Playschool?

Question 4. What student prank was featured in the opening titles of The Monkees?

Question 5. What colour was Barbapapa?

Question 6. Who did the narration and voices for Rhubarb and Custard?

Question 7. What did Top Cat do in the end title sequence every week?

Question 8. What was 7-Zark-7's pet dog called?

Question 9. Name three of the G-Force team, from Battle of the Planets.

Question 10. Who did the narration and voices for Paddington?

Question 11. Who played Robin Hood in the Childrens' Film Foundation version?

Question 12. Where was Willow the Wisp set?

Question 13. Who killed Bambi, according to Kenny Everett?

Question 14. Who was Noggin the Nog's greatest foe?

Question 15. Who drove Ivor the Engine?

Question 16. Complete the sentence "Pugh, Pugh, Barney-McGrew..."

Question 17. What was the owl's name in The Herbs?

Question 18. What manner of creature was Evil Edna?

Question 19. What device did the Tomorrow People use to teleport accurately?

Question 20. In The Muppet Show, what was odd about Scooter's eyes?

Question 21. What piece of clothing was common to Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Bugs Bunny, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Goofy?

Question 22. What did the craters have on them in The Clangers?

Question 23. What was Noah's wife Nelly's great ability?

Question 24. What was Crystal Tipps' dog called?

Question 25. Where did Stig live?

Question 26. What was the fitness fanatic womble called?

Question 27. What was the name of Captain Pugwash's ship?

Question 28. Who wrote Bright Eyes, and why?

Question 29. According to The Water Margin, why should one not despise the snake for having no horns?

Question 30. What apology always followed the "gallery" section in Vision On?

Question 31. Describe Ludwig's body and home.

Question 32. Which cartoon heroes lived in a space ship at the bottom of a volcano?

Question 33. How did Hong Kong Phooey get to know his kung fu?

Question 34. What was Dangermouse's address?

Question 35. What two features of his face described Harold Lloyd?

Question 36. What was the "nature of Monkey"?

Question 37. On Crackerjack, what were the regular responses to "Maclean!" and "Crackerjack"?

Question 38. Who were the first two presenters of Screen Test, and how is the second connected with question 34?

Question 39. Describe the currency used on the planet Arg, in The Adventure Game.

Question 40. Who was the pilot for Thunderbird One?

Question 41. With what accent did Marina of Stingray speak?

Question 42. Who was Brian Cant's pianist in Playaway? Also, what heart-throb movie star appeared as part of the team in this same show?

Question 43. What was the name of the gang of gangsters which took part in the Wacky Races?

Question 44. What hair-style did all the trainee space detectives share in Captain Zep - Space Detective?



Question 1. Who was Stretch Armstrong?

Question 2. What company made the Evel Knievel figures?

Question 3. In the game Mousetrap, the old boot kicked the iron ball out of the bucket to where, and where after that?

Question 4. Describe the game Striker.

Question 5. Who were the Fighting Furies?

Question 6. Which did Action Man get first: gripping hands, realistic hair, dynamic physique, or eagle eyes?

Question 7. Describe the game Crossfire.

Question 8. Describe a typical Space Hopper.

Question 9. What did the Weebles do, and more importantly, what did they not do?


In this round, you have to do the things, so put down your paper and crayon. This might be fun at a party.

Question 1. Say "A pan of soup, please" in Clanger.

Question 2. Sing the Rhubarb and Custard theme.

Question 3. Walk in the manner of "Brains" from Thunderbirds.

Question 4. Laugh in the manner of Basil Brush.

Question 5. Say "Er... I'm not very good at this" as Morph would.

Question 6. Sing the theme to The Magic Roundabout.

Question 7. Walk in the manner of "Shaggy" from Scooby Doo.

Question 8. Summon a small pink cloud as Monkey would.

I hope that this has stimulated your nostalgia module. Perhaps you feel that some telly programme or toy has been unfairly ignored by this quiz. There is a solution to this - send in a question about it, and I can add it to this page, and make everything so much more spiffy. Bear in mind that if I have never heard of the subject of your question, then I'm unlikely to include it.

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