I do have greater long-term ambitions for this section, as you can see from the non-working links in the list below. For now, though, I can offer you a fairly extensive Crossfire WW2 section, a pompous essay on wargame rules design, and a fairly big section on (mainly pre-gunpowder) skirmish games.

Wargamers may like to see my sections on making models (including wargaming terrain),  photographs of miniatures,  ancient weaponry, and  ancient arms and armour.

Here's what you can currently find in this section:

Thoughts on wargame design (essay) Sci-fi wargaming ramble (essay) Skirmish games (rules, scenarios etc.) Crossfire WW2 wargaming (scenarios, OOBs, rules etc.) The Tank Duel (public participation game)

And this is a list of the stuff to come:

  • Siege rules
  • Naval rules
  • Ancient battle rules
  • Campaign rules
  • Fantasy rules

On Saturdays, I game at the Tyneside Wargames Club, which now has its own web-site.


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